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Water & Wastewater

Water, Wastewater, Stormwater & Irrigation

Routine water and groundwater monitoring provides essential information about the quality of the environment and allows for early identification and planning to manage potential risks.

AE offer full cycle of integrated engineering and project management services from concept to commissioning, operation and maintenance for construction, augmentation and remediation of treatment plants, distribution networks and reuse systems.



Engineering & Design

Our consultants provide design, optimisation, upgrade, fabrication, maintenance and engineering solutions for Water, Sewage, Pollution, Stormwater Treatment Plants, Distribution pipelines and Pumping systems.

Site Audit & Compliance Assessment

AE engineers conduct site audit to retrofit any present or potential process, mechanical, electrical and operational issues caused by ageing of the site, poor operation, cyclones and floods. Site Audit will provide cost saving measures which will assist you to run and maintain your site efficiently and effectively.

Commissioning & Proof of Performance

AE provide commissioning of sites/plants, hydraulic testing of networks, and proof of performance testing and verification of processing systems.

Laboratory Analysis

AE provide water and wastewater sampling, analysis, interpretive laboratory analysis report, root cause analysis of non-compliance and identify practical solutions to achieve compliance.

Development Approval and Environmental Licence

AE provide licence and development approval, site-based management plan, development of monitoring plans, program notice, and transitional environmental program for your site and liaise with relevant authorities to achieve the required approvals.


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