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Workplace Health & Safety Assessment

Workplace Health & Safety Assessments

Workplace health and safety (WHS) is a key issue in all workplaces throughout the world. It covers all aspects of workers’ duties and working environments. In Australia, the protection of workers from occupational noise, vibration and air contaminants is governed by nationally harmonised legislation. This legislation requires that the person undertaking the business or undertaking (PCBU) is responsible for ensuring work carried out does not risk the health and safety of workers.

Understanding what risks may be present in a workplace is often difficult. AE personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of workplace health and safety in relation to noise, vibration, air contaminants, and lighting levels and can assist businesses to understand, manage and mitigate these risks.

AE can undertake site-wide workplace audits or review individual processes to quantify the exposure level, analyse the risks and recommend practicable solutions to suit your workplace.

  • Noise & Vibration:
    • Occupational noise exposure assessments;
    • Occupational hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration assessments;
    • Machinery and room acoustics;
    • Sound intensity measurements for noise control review;
    • Tailor-made engineering noise and vibration control and management; and
    • Hearing protection suitability assessment and review
  • Air Contaminants:
    • Occupational exposure assessment of airborne concentrations from individual chemicals vapours, gases, dust and diesel particulates; and
    • Tailor-made engineering pollution control and management.
  • Risk Assessments to assist with mitigation implementation;
  • Lighting Assessments to determine the suitability of lighting levels around work areas; and
  • Site Signage Review to ensure that PPE and warning signs are suitable for each work area, easy to follow and located in the optimal place to be effective.

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