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AE personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of vibration for both small and large scale development projects and maintain a considerable inventory of monitoring equipment.

AE’s experienced consultants can assist you with a wide range of vibration related services including:

  • Construction and demolition assessments, management plans and monitoring programs;
  • Assessment of existing or potential building damage;
  • Measurement, prediction, assessment and mitigation of vibration from:
    • Road construction;
    • Railways;
    • Tunnels;
    • Industrial machinery (mobile and stationary); and
    • Blasting impacts from mining and quarrying;
  • Project specific anti-vibration solutions for:
    • New residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
    • Heritage buildings;
    • Sensitive equipment; and
    • Gym and pool vibration isolation
  • Occupational exposure to hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration; and
  • Expert witness and peer review.

AE’s measurement capabilities allow us to monitor and assess vibration and ground-borne noise from numerous sources and to advise on potential methods of mitigation.

In particular, our ability to provide real-time monitoring systems able to notify clients where exceedences of vibration limits are occurring allow for potential impacts to be avoided.


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