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Entertainment Noise

Entertainment Noise –

Outdoor Venues, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants

Providing specialist noise management and control advice to entertainment events and venues requires a detailed understanding of the needs of regulators, venue managers, performers, sound engineers and patrons. AE’s extensive experience allows us to assist venue and event managers through every step of the process (from application to completion) to ensure noise emissions and community impacts are well managed and the event can succeed.

The services offered include:

Application Stage:

  • Noise assessments for development and liquor licence applications;
  • Venue specific sound propagation and insulation testing;
  • Baseline noise monitoring;
  • Determination of appropriate noise limits;
  • Liaising with regulators to manage the approval process; and
  • Consulting with community groups.

Post-Approval Stage:

  • Venue design and noise control advice;
  • Active noise monitoring and management during events;
  • Complaint response and investigation;
  • Liaising with regulators;
  • Continuous compliance assessment and reporting
  • Event Noise Management Reporting and Community Consultation

If you would like some obligation free preliminary advice for your venue or event please contact us on 1300 662 495 or use our web contact form and one of our experienced consultants will get back to you shortly.