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Noise & Vibration

Noise & Vibration

AE's acoustics team undertakes noise monitoring, modelling and assessments for a variety of projects both in Australia and internationally. With experience across numerous jurisdictions, AE is able to provide high standard advice and assessments to ensure project outcomes are achieved in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Whether undertaking an occupational noise assessment or delivering noise advice for a major infrastructure project, the personalised approach offered by AE for all projects undertaken ensures that client needs are understood and project deliverable meet both client and regulator expectations. Where appropriate, the latest methods and calculation tools such as CadnaA are used to produce both 2D and 3D coloured noise contour maps presenting noise levels in 5 dB intervals give an overall indication as to where noise problems can be expected.

Certification can also be provided for the final as constructed solutions where required by regulatory authorities.

More information about the range of noise services offered by AE can be found below.

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