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COVID-19 Contingency Planning

Assured Environmental specialists are trained and qualified for Crisis Management in accordance with the Inter-services Incident Management Systems (AIIMS) and Crisis Management Frameworks (CMF).

With the onset of Covid-19, it is essential that Utilities, Municipalities, Regional Councils and Industries are prepared to ensure ongoing water and wastewater management throughout this crisis.

Assured Environmental can assist in ensuring service delivery by:

  • Developing or updating Business Contingency Plans;
  • Undertaking risk assessments, mitigation and implementation of effective controls to respond and recover from the crisis;
  • Provide relief engineers, technicians, operators, site supervisors and project managers which can be seconded to support delivery of:
    • operation, augmentation and upgrade of plant; and
    • scheduled, preventative and reactive maintenance works.

If you would like to discuss how our specialist consultants can assist you during this crisis, please contact our offices on 1300 662 495 or