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Construction Support

Construction Compliance Assessment & Support

Noise, vibration, water and dust impacts during construction can be significant, in terms of the magnitude and the duration of the various activities. Specific concerns invariably occur where construction activity is likely to be required outside of normal working hours.

AE personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of construction noise, vibration, water and dust management, for both small and large scale development projects and offer the following services:

  • Liaison with Local Authorities;
  • Site specific Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) incorporating Best Practicable Means (BPM);
  • Noise, vibration, water and dust monitoring plans and implementation;
  • Liaison with construction engineers to minimise impacts through programming, equipment selection and choice of construction methods;
  • Project compliance auditing and reporting;
  • Overall management of construction works environmental performance including provision of skilled staff to operate as site environmental representatives;
  • Automated monitoring for noise, dust and vibration including automatically generated reports, customised alarm triggers and online web portal for real-time data access;
  • Baseline monitoring prior to construction; and
  • Predictions using computer modelling techniques (CadnaA) in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2436:2010.

From major building developments to small-scale residential projects, we pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of personalised service tailored to the needs of clients.

 If you would like to speak with one of our experienced consultants about how we can help your business please contact us via our contact form or call on 1300 662 495.