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Workplace & IAQ


Knowing accurately what a worker is exposed to is important when assessing a work place. Workplace exposure studies are generally conducted to evaluate workplace health and safety conditions as they relate to a worker’s exposure to chemicals, physical parameters and/or biological hazards while at work.

AEs workplace monitoring service provides the accuracy required to assess and determine effective workplace controls. We can also assist in the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment based on the measured data and an understanding of the surrounding exposure environment.

We choose from a selection of monitoring equipment to assess, characterise and evaluate worker exposure.

Our area of service also covers indoor air quality (IAQ), by measuring common IAQ parameters such as temperature and humidity as well as a wide variety of aerosols, gases, and ventilation parameters.

AEs integrated cloud based real time data system can be used in the IAQ and workplace exposure areas to provide our clients with:

  • live data streams,
  • real time alarms via email, text, tweet,
  • access to data from anywhere, and
  • daily reports among many other things.

We have successfully used IAQ systems to monitor exposure risks in hospital environments. With our system we are able to measure, record, alert and report on potential exposure risks in real time.   Our system measures key parameters which relate to infection risk in real time and sends tailored alarms to key personnel at the occurrence of an elevated event. This approach allows for proactive management of risk by contractors and hospital staff.

 If you wish to inquire about our offerings in the above areas of expertise please contact us via our contact form.