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Stack testing


One of AE’s primary service offerings is in the form of compliance emission monitoring (aka stack testing/emissions testing/source emission testing/compliance monitoring etc.). We have been providing stack testing services throughout Australia and Internationally to many industry sectors since 1997.

  • Our testing procedures are NATA accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Our NATA accreditation (ID number 19703) is very comprehensive and can be seen here.
  • Our principal and senior level technicians are also accredited under The American Source Evaluation Society’s QSTI program.


Stack testing is the process of drawing a representative sample of a gas stream from a chimney stack, duct or exhaust point.  Stack testing is an important tool used to determine a facility’s compliance with emission limits and is generally undertaken for environmental compliance.  Stack testing is often referred to as a ‘source sampling test’, ‘compliance test’, ‘performance test’, emissions monitoring, or simply as an ‘emission test’.  It is important that any stack monitoring program provides both timely and accurate data, allowing speedy identification and rectification off any non-performance issues.

The concentration of a target compound is sampled via the extraction of a known volume of source air.  Using this measurement, coupled with temperature, pressure, moisture and gas composition, a concentration and mass emission rate of the target pollutant can determined.  Stack testing employs a range of technical and analytical equipment operated by trained technicians conducting sample events as prescribed by State, National and International test methods.


Air quality is among the top environmental issues in both regional and urban environments.  Industrial, commercial and resource sector stack testing and air monitoring programs assist in delivering valuable data sets for both licence requirements and performance purposes.  The obtained data is often used to facilitate environmentally sustainable operations through efficiency opportunities and the planning and implementation of new technologies.  Ultimately, proactive management of these efficiency initiatives often lead to a reduction in operational costs whilst consolidating the environmental and community portfolio for a particular Company.

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