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Odour Sampling & Analysis


AE is NATA accredited for odour sampling, analysis and reporting (AS4323.3 an AS4323.4).

We have 2 fully functional NATA compliant odour panels. One of our panels is portable and can be set up with relative ease with short notice. Our second panel is a 4 person panel which resides in our purpose built odour lab in Brisbane.

Our panels can be used to determine the following odour parameters:

  • Odour concentration using AS4323.3
  • Odour intensity using VDI3882 Part 1
  • Hedonic tone using VDI3882 Part 2

AE has significant experience in the measurement of industrial odour emissions from many different types of processes. In addition to the quantification of odour we also specialise in  composition analysis (chemical speciation) of measured samples. We have in-house specialities as well as access to numerous labs which offer analytical detection to sub ppb levels.

We also undertake field odour surveys. Field odour surveys are typically referenced to VDI3940 Determination of Odorants in Ambient Air by Field Inspections.

AE also offers assistance in developing and implementing site odour management plans. Our integrated cloud based real time data system offers the ability to alert our clients to potential malodorous prior to it becoming an off-site issue.

AE is NATA accredited for AS4323.4 Area source sampling – Flux chamber technique.

 If you wish to inquire about our offerings in the above areas of expertise please contact us via our contact form.