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Odour Impact Assessment

Odour Impact Assessment

The issue of odour is complex and typically leads to more complaints to regulatory authorities than any other single issue. People's responses to odours can vary due to different sensitivities in individuals including health, age and attitudes as well as the circumstances under which the odour is detected.

AE personnel have extensive experience in all aspects of odour auditing, sampling, analysis, modelling, impact assessment and amelioration. Odour assessments are usually carried out for new facilities, expanding facilities and in response to public complaints.

AE have extensive experience providing odour assessment for a range of facilities including:

  • Landfills and Transfer Stations;
  • Waste water treatment facilities;
  • Composting;
  • Distilleries;
  • Abattoirs;
  • Poultry farms;
  • Piggeries;
  • Dairies;
  • Restaurants, cafes and commercial kitchens;
  • Asphalt plants; and
  • Manufacturing facilities.

AE have CALPUFF and AERMOD software to model odour in accordance with State requirements to assess the impact from odourous facilities to ensure that the resultant ground level concentration can comply with regulatory requirements.

When combined with our extensive practical experience, the results of the predictive modelling allow us to test difference control solutions and develop cost-benefit assessments of available options.

Project specific mitigation measures, including abatement technology and detailed odour management plans (OMP), can be developed in consultation with the client to ensure cost-effective solutions to reduce odour your problems.

Industrial & Manufacturing

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Restaurants, Cafes and Commercial kitchens

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