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Ambient & Meteorological


AE is able to design, implement, and conduct ambient air quality measurement programs for compliance and non-compliance purposes. Parameters we measure include weather, criteria pollutants, hazardous, toxic and odourous compounds. All our stations are equipped with integrated cloud based real time data systems which can provide our clients with:

  • live data streams,
  • real time alarms via email, text, tweet,
  • access to data from anywhere, and
  • daily reports among many other things.

 Real-time environmental monitoring Real-time environmental monitoring

Our system is configurable to any parameter we can measure using classical reference methods or innovative cost effective measurement techniques.

 Dust monitoring using non-reference & reference methods plus a met station.  Dust monitoring using non-reference & reference methods plus a met station.

We routinely have systems in the field for:

  • Dust Alarming – we are measuring dust concentration with a site specific alarm programmed to alert via SMS and email to a specific list of contacts.
  • Spray drift management – using real time averaged wind direction to alert the farmer to possible spray drift concern via SMS.

Our systems are infinitely expandable and can be programmed to include logical control of plant such as water sprays for dust suppression.

Our system comes at a portion of the cost and implementation time of other bespoke real time monitoring systems.

AE is NATA accreditation for the following ambient air quality

  • AS 3580.1.1 – Air monitoring equipment siting
  • AS 3580.7.1 – Carbon monoxide by NDIR
  • AS 3580.5.1 – Nitrogen oxides as NOx by chemiluminescence
  • AS 3580.9.3 – Particulates – total suspended by high volume air sampler
  • AS 3580.9.6 – Particulates – PM10 suspended by high volume air sampler
  • AS 3580.9.9 – Particulates – PM10 suspended by low volume air sampler
  • AS 3580.10.1 – Particulates – deposited matter by gravimetric

The list of our accredited stack testing and ambient monitoring methods can be seen here.

Our skill set is not limited to those stack and ambient monitoring methods listed in our NATA accreditation list. We have deployed several one off agency methods and bespoke methods designed to fit the requirements of the project.

 If you wish to inquire about our offerings in the above areas of expertise please contact us via our contact form.